Friday, October 29

LIVE BLOG Skate Canada: Pairs Short Program, Group 1

Continuing on... judging panel includes CHN / SUI / AUT / SWE / FIN / GER / RUS / CAN / FRA. Todd Sand is part of the technical panel.

Warm-Up: Before taking the ice, all three Canadian team men have a laugh, and then Nathan Miller gets in on the fun. Duhamel/Radford practice their death spiral. Moore-Towers/Moscovitch have to swerve to avoid a fall in side-by-side jumps by Britney Simpson. Lawrence/Swiegers practice a twist. Simpson/Miller do a throw triple Salchow in which she pitches forward a bit. Moore-Towers stands at the boards and digs her toe picks in as "If We Ever Meet Again Plays". Duhamel tries a triple Lutz and lands low. Laureano Ibarra is here coaching Simpson/Miller.. remember he and partner Tiffany Vise landed a clean throw quad Salchow a few years ago. Duhamel/Radford do a nice overhead lift that covers plenty of distance. He towers over here. Swiegers is also very tall compared to his partner, and they warm up a death spiral.

1 Duhamel/Radford CAN
Serious technical content planned. Remember, she and former partner Ryan Arnold landed side-by-side triple Lutzes and a throw triple Lutz (first ever) in competition. Music is by Saint-Preux. Nice easy double twist to start. He does a triple Lutz while she doubles on the side-by-sides. Nice overhead that goes to one hand and she grabs the blade with a flip out exit. Carry lift into a throw triple Lutz that she does land. Side by side mirror footwork that gets a little bit off in the middle but they recover in nice unison until she trips at the end. Flying camels/sit/upright /change/ sit with low position, they stayed in good unison there but it wasn't particularly fast. Death spiral that starts in a shoot-the-duck sort of position, that was nice. Not horrible, she was shaky throughout the whole thing though.

29.08/25.72 = 54.80. She looks thrilled that they scored that high.

2 Moore-Towers/Moscovitch CAN
Comedic routine to Zorba the Greek, fast paced from the start. Triple twist is crooked and a bit of a collison on the landing. Side by side triple Salchows, I think.. I looked away for a second. Whatever they were, they were clean and in good unison. Crowd is into this program, clapping along. Overhead star lift as she grabs the blade of her higher foot. Short spiral into a throw triple loop that she falls on. Death spiral with her face and body towards the ice. Mirror footwork for them as well as they sell the choreography. He has an ever so slight bobble at the end of it. Side by side spins are FAST and in good unison, but he travels and their distance is a bit too much. They are making great improvements, though, and I liked the program. Kris Wirtz with them in the kiss and cry, and they say hi to Kristy.

29.68/25.00 -1.00 = 53.68. Into second.

3 Lawrence/Swiegers CAN
The first time I saw this team (at Canadians a few seasons ago) they had such a dynamic performance quality. Cute choreography at first when he marches up behind her and kicks her to appear like he is tripping her, but he catches her. Nice triple twist, although not much height. Side by side triple Salchows she falls out and he puts a hand down. Side by side spins get really off towards the end of the first part, but they are back on for the change foot. This whole program has great personality. Their overhead has a nice flip out and she has nice positions, but he is a bit scratchy and slow. Death spiral and right into their footwork which is a lot of hand holds rather than the mirror work that their two country mates have done prior. Throw triple Lutz is BIG and out of nowhere to end the program. That was a lot of fun, but will probably go into third. They mock their ending pose in the kiss and cry which brings laughs from the crowd.

31.74/24.40 = 56.14 and wow, first!

4 Simpson/Miller USA
She's just 14, and as the costumes suggest, they are skating to The Pink Panther. Side by side double Axels, hers not having the best flow but they did them. Split twist, not all the way rotated and a crash on the landing. Throw triple Salchow that she can't hold and steps out. Side by side spins are off in the beginning and get somewhat back on track. Footwork is cute but doesn't have much content besides playing to the crowd. Ends in mirror steps but again, not much there. Basics are below the three other teams. Overhead goes into a star with her in a catchfoot.. good, but slowish. Death spiral in which he changes hands to end. Cute, they still look junior to me though.

23.98/22.41 = 46.39. Fourth.

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