Saturday, October 30

Oh Walter Toigo, You Dirrty Boy... Maybe.

Sometimes, I try to be funny.
Italian judge Walter Toigo was on the panel for the mens competition at Skate Canada. If you don't know who he is, you can brush up on his history with this post I made in August.
Looking at the event protocol, one of the judges gave Patrick Chan a 9.25 for Skating Skills in the short program, and an 8.00 for Performance and Execution-- both being the high-scoring mark of the nine-judge panel. This, of course, came after Chan's meltdown three-fall performance. Could this be the work of expert at all things IJS himself, Mr. Toigo? I guess if he's not going to completely watch the performance, it might be better in his mind to just come up with random marks than steal the marks of the judges to his left and right. Ah, yes. Perfect explanation for the scores :-)

Just kidding. I seem like such a hater now against Toigo when I'm really not. However, I really wouldn't be surprised if he (even more so than the Canadian judge) was responsible for this set of marks. Maybe I'm still overwhelmingly saddened that the ISU neglected to reply to my question as to what type of action would be taken against a judge who was "peeking" at other screens... as if I really expected a response!


Anonymous said...

Your saying he's given a chance to set things right?

Anonymous said...

Skating skills?? Chan has them, not sure he brought them, but he has them.

The Performance Execution score is a JOKE! What does this score mean??? PE numbers in that range are pathetic.

No way PCS numbers will reflect actual skate if judges know they can peek without inquiry!!! Once a gain a sad day for IJS.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous, Patrick Chan did NOT deserve to win Skate Canada. Is there any way to screen judges for, I don't know, basic knowledge of skating before they are assigned to big competitions?

Anonymous said...

'Maybe I'm still overwhelmingly saddened that the ISU neglected to reply to my question as to what type of action would be taken against a judge who was "peeking" at other screens... as if I really expected a response!'

I remember you mentioning that, Tony. You probably contacted the ISU via this form?,11038,4844-130886-132194-74548-user-feedback-start,00.html

(correct me if I'm wrong)

I did a little research. Here's my findings:

When you fill in that form and click the Send button, your email goes to Mr.Fredi Schmid, General Secretary, ISU Secretariat
email address:

I've never heard of anyone writing the ISU AND getting reply using that form, so I searched a bit further.

A. Devra Pitt Getaz, ISU Communications Coordinator

B. Patricia Mayor, Sports Coordinator

C. Aline Bussat Ingwersen, ISU Media Coordinator

D. Then they've got this Disciplinary Commission (DC) consisting of:

--Chairperson: Béatrice Pfister, Switzerland, and

members figure skating:

--Allan Böhm

--Volker Waldeck

(those email addresses are from 2006, therefore can be out of use)

I also read here:,10869,4844-203384-19728-18965-310594-3963-4771-layout160-220607-news-item,00.html

that Ms. Béatrice Pfister (SUI) has accepted the appointment as ISU Legal Advisor and consequently has resigned from her position as Chair of the DC.

looks like Mr. Volker Waldeck is now in charge.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What if you write one of these people, instead?

Anonymous said...

This is SOOO sick...

Sevice said...

A couple of things:

1. the commentators disingenuously do everything they can to legitimize whatever comes out of the judges score sheets. Ex: (about Chan) "he struggled on the triple Axel" "A minor mistake on the triple axel". instead of calling a good old fall. So annoying.

2. I didn't like Chan's attitude in the Kiss and Cry after the short, when he saw his scores: "I think the judges really want me to..." (with a smile). Didn't catch the end but if you realize that judges inflate your scores, you should not look too happy about it.

3. I'm always a fan of this blog, but speculating that the high scoring judge just happens to be Toigo is groundless and unfair to him. There is room for more than one crooked judge in figure skating!

Sevice said...

Oops. Chan made that comment after the long program not the short.

Tony said...

Sevice-- number three was purely just a joke. I'd hope after the scrutiny of the videos in France that he wouldn't be the one to score Chan that way. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Chan said in his interview that he had been working with the judges regarding his performance such as flow ETC.
Is there any problem about it?
If a judge gives advices to a specific skater he takes care of, can he give correct evaluations to other skaters ?

Tony said...

It's pretty common that judges are asked by coaches and Federations to come monitor the new programs and share their input. That is perfectly allowed.