Friday, October 29

Skate Canada: Day 1 Video Highlights

Since posting a bunch of videos on the main page slows down the load speed for some readers, check out some of my favorite programs from day 1 of Skate Canada that are currently available on YouTube, after the break.

Not the best feed, but I really like the departure from classical, soft music that Cynthia has used pretty much since she hit the senior scene.

Even though he enters the free skate in third place, Adam Rippon delivered a solid new short program to Romeo and Juliet.

Canadian Kevin Reynolds has made tremendous improvements in his skating in the last two years, and he is able to (and did) successfully land two clean quadruple jumps in the short program here, landing in a surprise second place.

Other favorites include the short programs of Ksenia Makarova, Amelie Lacoste, Lawrence/Swiegers, and the original dance of the Kerrs, none of which are available on Youtube... yet.

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Anonymous said...

Ksenia is on youtube:

And that was Viktor with her, she was saying hi to Vika!