Friday, October 29

Skate Canada: Sarah Meier Withdraws, Bryce Davison's Injury

Unfortunately, Sarah Meier's injury from yesterday has not yet healed enough for her to compete today, and has withdrawn from the competition. Her other Grand Prix assignment is the Cup of Russia, three weeks from now.

Also of news is this article published by CBC Sports. Bryce Davison, who was scheduled to compete with partner Jessica Dube this weekend, injured his knee in a training session last week. He's out "indefinitely", but note that a source suggests that this could even be career-ending. Dube and Davison were also scheduled to compete in the Cup of Russia.


Kutien said...

Poor Sarah =(
May be it`s her last season

Tony said...

Sarah already planned on this being her last season. If I understand correctly, she wants to compete in her home country for Europeans, but maybe not even continue on to Worlds. Switzerland lost many of their top skaters after the 2010 season (Lambiel, Othman, Morand/Dorsaz), so she's really the only high-level skater left for the event.