Thursday, October 28

Skate Canada Tidbits: Sarah Meier Injury; Kevin Reynolds Quad Loop

The Injuries Just Keep Coming
Swiss skater Sarah Meier injured her foot on a triple Lutz take-off in todays practice, with just a few minutes left in the session. She was advised to rest and stay off of her feet for the remainder of the day and will decide if she is able to compete in the ladies short program in the morning. The event starts at 11:30, so best wishes to her healing quickly.

Quad Toe, Quad Sal, AND a Quad Loop?
A friend watching the Skatebuzz Skate Canada live practices messaged me to say that Canadian competitor Kevin Reynolds was mentioned as having "fully-rotated" a quad loop in the practice today. The jump has never been ratified in competition.

Updates later if I hear anything additional


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that inside info with us, Tony.

Here's some practice vids:

Anonymous said...

I was reading about the quads being planned by Kevin Reynolds and Patrick Chan in our Canadian news online earlier today. Here are the links to the articles - one from the Globe and Mail (one of Canada'a national newspapers)

Also, an article about SC and Cynthia Phaneuf.

I think the Men competition will be very interesting - quads, quads, quads. This will/should Brian Joubert happy!

Anonymous said...

I only wished that Michael Weiss of the US would have landed his quad Lutz back circa 1998. He came so close. Only he and Evgeny Pliuta of Ukraine actually attempted it in competition...

I wonder if we'll every see another Timothy Goebel of the US who landed 3 quads at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games...

Anonymous said...

'Now, Chan thinks it’s “kind of weird” when a skater doesn’t put a quad in his short program even though he’s known for doing them. He said he was shocked that world champion Daisuke Takahashi won the NHK Trophy event last week without a quad, and he’s been doing quads longer than Chan has been doing triple Axels.'

LOL :)))))

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Takahashi perfects his quad flip this season... that would be awesome to see in competition.

Tony said...

Evgeny Plushenko also attempted the quad Lutz at least once. I believe he came very close (pre-rotation issues aside) at the 2001(?) Cup of Russia.

Eh.. I just read the Beverly Smith/Chan article and it seems to me like everything has an explanation, as long as Patrick is capable of doing such. He didn't do a quad last year because of injury/training time loss, so it was okay to not do them. Now that he can, he expects everyone else to, as well. Don't get me wrong, the kid has some of the most gorgeous skating skills I have ever seen, but enough is enough at some point.

By the way- I wouldn't say Takahashi is really "known" for his quad. He has plenty of other qualities that have brought him to the top.

Anonymous said...

'Eh.. I just read the Beverly Smith/Chan article and it seems to me like everything has an explanation, as long as Patrick is capable of doing such.'

could that explain why PChan isn't exactly universally beloved? ;)