Monday, November 29

8! I Mean 7! Brooke Wester! The Footwork "Season"! Our First (and Second) Fall! Skating With the Stars Week 2

I know hardly any readers are watching this, but I'm still giving it a shot :-P

So, some changes for week two. Johnny is in yellow with a whole bottle of gel stuck to his head and his fingernails painted black, Tanith has come out of her "nest" and not only does the replay commentary now, but she also interviews the skaters right before they receive their marks. She still sounds like she's reading from a script, and the way she enunciates everything doesn't help. Oh well. Vernon Kay, who most people seemed to loathe in week one, had a much smaller part: introducing the couples and the judges comments-- that was basically the extent. I don't think he's too bad. Laurie bothers me with some of her comments. I know she's a dance choreographer, but most her thoughts don't have any relevance to figure skating.

The show wasn't without its faults, though. Dick held up a 7 and exclaimed "8!" for Jonny and Brooke, and then a few minutes later Kay called Jennifer Wester "Brooke Wester!" and corrected himself about ten times afterwards. We saw our first fall from Vince while holding Jennifer, but it was pretty uneventful and they recovered quickly. Tanith said the footwork "season" instead of sequence for one of the replays. It happens.

I have to say that I think the judges are really harsh on Bethenny, especially compared to Vince who came right before her. I found Bethenny and Ethan's program much more fun, and while still stiff, not any more than the former. The scores were low, and dare I say it looked like Ethan was in the middle of saying "bullshit" as they walked to talk to Tanith and probably didn't think the camera was on them? I could be wrong, but it sure looked like it.

Keauna and Brandon were fun and I'd say very "modern", but I don't know that their program was much of a tango. Still, it was good enough for 8's and 9's from the judges as far as the presentation goes. By the way, he's quite the roller skater.

We saw two mistakes from Sean and Denis, the first had her tripping over her toe pick, and the second was a fall that sent her straight down-- however, she sure laughed it off and kept up the energy. All of Laurie's technical scores seem like they are 5's or 6's-- falls or not. She sure knows how to differentiate between and rank the different couples.

Rebecca and Fred close the show and once again he's sleeveless. Hello again, Fred. You are looking quite good at 35 years old! Hello clear favorites, and on top of that they get to work with a Dancing With the Stars professional? How much skating history does she have? Her crossovers are effortless-looking and certainly better than mine. Definitely the best once again, and by the way-- her body is amazing. Johnny and Dick comment that she needs to act the part better. She's already way ahead of everyone else aside from Brandon.

Bethenny shakes her head in disgust in the background right after Tanith says that Rebecca and Fred are back in first place. Hmm.. she just lost some points with me.

I don't get the whole elimination of the first team this week. Why tell people to vote all night AFTER the show when one of them will be gone before we can even vote? Rebecca/Fred, Jonny/Brooke, Brandon/Keauna, (this is like a Miss Universe pageant the way they are dramatizing it), Bethenny/Ethan are all safe. Vince/Jennifer and Sean/Denis are the bottom two, and Sean/Denis are last place. They had the 4th-best judges scores, so obviously no love from the home audience. They both looked shocked by the decision, and it looked like she had to ask him if they were the ones that were leaving.

Oh well. Only a few more weeks of this.


Anonymous said...

So sad to see Denis go. Now I have no reason to watch this.

Anonymous said...

This show is much more entertaining and unboring than DWTS to me. I hope there will be season 2. I could see why this show is popular in UK.

Anonymous said...

The show's so awkward. I just felt bad when Sean fell because you know she is trying stuff that someone with 5 weeks of skating lessons shouldn't be trying. The judges don't seem to know how to rank the contestants and the woman judge really doesn't have a clue about skating. I find myself frustrated watching this, but will keep watching it for the real skaters I like.

Tonichelle said...

So sad to see Denis be the first one off. I don't think he was shocked at all. He really got shafted with his partner. Not only was she unable to keep up with teh skating, but her personality was a killer turn off. Loved seeing him play a goofy part, though. Normally he is so serious looking!

Dick Button is the reason I think many will tune in to watch. his flubs are so comical!