Monday, November 8

Bryce Davison Out For the Season; Jessica Dube Back to Singles

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The Canadian Press is reporting that Bryce Davison's worst fears are have come true: he will be sidelined for the rest of the season with an ankle bone chip. Partner Jessica Dube will return to singles skating and attempt to qualify for Nationals. She last did the double duty in 2008, finishing 6th in the ladies competition and the team went on to win the bronze medal at the World Championships the same season.

Here are Dube's programs from the 2008 Canadian Nationals.

With the slow starts most of the Canadian ladies have made this year aside from Amelie Lacoste, could Jessica find herself as a serious contender for the podium?

This also opens the door for pairs with limited international experience to represent Canada at the World Championships. Kirsten Moore-Towers/Dylan Moscovitch, Meagan Duhamel/Eric Radford (Duhamel having competed with Craig Buntin in 2008 and 2009), Paige Lawrence/Rudy Swiegers, and Mylene Brodeur/John Mattatall (last competed at Worlds in 2009) will most likely all fight for the two spots.


physics girl said...

That's too bad about Davison, got to be frustrating for him. I hope that Dube does well this year as a singles skater, she has a certain something that I like. Plus with Rochette not competing (maybe turning pro?) it would be nice to have another big name in the fight for the national title.

Tony said...

Dube has (or had?) a Lutz (trust me, it's rare in Canada), and a 6th place finish in 2008 while balancing two disciplines is an excellent accomplishment.

Now that she has a few months to completely focus on singles, you never know. Charbonneau looked to be a bright light after last seasons Junior Worlds, but she has started her season off with pretty poor results on the JGP. Szmiett seemed to be alright at Nebelhorn but was a disaster in both of her GP events-- and she's been 4th in Nationals the last two seasons.

I think Phaneuf and Lacoste look to be the front-runners right now with Samson just a bit behind (although she had a great Skate Canada), but there's really no one else making a huge splash on the junior international scene. I'd say a well-trained Dube will most definitely be somewhere in the top 6, maybe even with a small chance at bronze.

Anonymous said...

Since Quebec Sectionals happened last week, and Jessica did not compete, how is it that she intends to qualify for Canadians?

Tony said...

I am sure they would give her a bye under the circumstances. She might have to skate in the Challenge event, which might not be a bad idea to get the programs out there at least once before Nationals.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Szmiett... I don't even know what to say... 30+ for SP and 50+ for FS both GPs