Monday, November 22

Even Though 2/3rd's of You Think It'll Be Silly..

Skating With the Stars starts tonight, airing on ABC from 9-11:00 PM. I'm expecting huge numbers for the first hour (and maybe the whole show) because of the Dancing With the Stars lead-in, but we will see how the show fares in the next few weeks without the help. That might get scary.

Anyways, who do we think will be the early favorites? Based on the small clips we have seen of the celebrities practicing, it looks like teen star Brandon Mychal Smith is already a decent skater (or a very fast learner), and his partner Keauna McLaughlin might be the most recognizable name for those that just started following skating in the last Olympic cycle. I suspect they will be the front runners.

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Lisa said...

Personally, I am mainly giving it a shot for pure entertainment value - Johnny Weir and Dick Button judging has serious potential for hilarity.

Also, maybe if we're really lucky, it will get ratings up on the regular competitions and consequently, those will get more airtime.

Hey, I can dream, right? :P