Tuesday, November 9

Jeremy Ten's 'Tonya Harding Moment'

I was clicking around Facebook today, and noticed the current profile picture of Canadian mens skater Jeremy Ten. He had an issue with his laces at the beginning of his long program at Skate Canada, and decided to humor the world with this comparison, which he calls 'My Tonya Harding Moment':

And while we're at it, I do have to mention that his short program featuring the soundtrack from "A Single Man" is not only some of the most gorgeous not-so-common 'skating music' I have heard in the last few years, but the program itself is one of my favorites so far this season.


Anonymous said...

Haha, I felt so bad when he was so apologetic about stopping.

I have never gotten a chance to watch his short program in full until now. Buttle did an amazing job. Gorgeous choreography, and I love watching Ten skate it.

Meri said...

A friend introduced me to this soundtrack and we both hoped someone would skate to it this season! It's beautiful and original and the program really fits the music, excellent timing. Did Jeffrey Buttle pick the music? It seems the sort of thing he'd go for.

My one nitpicky comment is that the costume is too much like Abbott's last year - I like the simplicity but maybe a different color scheme?

Jeremy Ten is hilarious, and considering he was at NHK a week earlier and must have been exhausted, his SC performance was fantastic. Good for him.

physics girl said...

It reminded me of Tonya Harding too! Except that he didn't have a spaz about it, instead he stayed composed, fixed it, and carried on like nothing happened.