Tuesday, November 16

My Own Off-Ice Jumping

Around four years ago (I think it was that long ago already?!) I was visiting a friend and she wanted to see my off-ice jumping skills, so she recorded me trying a double Axel/triple toe loop. I honestly forgot that I had put this video on YouTube, but I still think it's cool to watch. I know the toe loop has a cheat and blah blah blah, but you have to remember there is absolutely no momentum going into the jump except for the little swing I give myself. (PS- sorry that the video is turned sideways.. that happened when I was uploading it)

Now, if the double Axel would only be that easy ON the ice...


jumping clapping man said...

this is quite amazing. i don't see how you/skater's dont kill their knees doing this. i dance on stage, and the knees are so sensitive, and there you are spinning, hitting the ground, and stopping your rotation. ouch!

oh, that's right you're/they're young!

Anonymous said...

hahah great. I have this gif of Mao asada doing a loop on the ground, I was impressed because it was high