Saturday, November 13

Now I Give Adrian Schultheiss All the Credit in the World

Coach Evgeni Lutkov in the kiss and cry
Last night during the mens short program, I probably went a little over-the-top with my dislike of Sweden's Adrian Schultheiss' performance. It seemed uninspired and honestly he looked like he didn't want to be there. To make matters worse, Adrian sat by himself in the kiss and cry afterwards and paced around and shrugged to the crowd as if to say "Oh well". He finds himself in seventh place after the short, and his only mistake was a hand down on the triple Axel-- so it wasn't by any means a bad performance.

This morning I logged on to Facebook and was reading all of the "Top News" posts, when I came across the following from Adrian:
Sorry if i acted weird today, my coach never showed up to the competition and i didn't know what had happened to him.. i just thought to myself whatever happened he wanted me to skate... we found him after the competition and now he is in the hospital... i could just not get my mind together...
Wow. It's one thing to have to go to a competition knowing that your coach won't be able to make the trip, but I can't even imagine having to try to prepare yourself without even knowing what is going on. Absolute best wishes to coach Evgeni Lutkov and to Adrian in the free skate tonight.


Anonymous said...

I SO wish Evgeni Lutkov gets better real real soon. Sending healing vibes his way.

muzicgirl01 said...

poor Adrian! I hope someone sits with him today even if its another coach or even another skater. no one should sit alone! at least he knows what's going on now. that had to be so distracting for him not knowing what was going on. poor guy!