Tuesday, November 23

Skating With the Stars: The Numbers ALREADY Aren't Good

For those of you into this type of data, TVByTheNumbers.com is reporting the first viewership totals for last nights broadcast television shows. Skating With the Stars had big numbers for the first thirty minutes because of Dancing With the Stars running (as scheduled) 13 minutes over, but by the end of the night, Skating was down to just a 1.9 share in the all-important 18-49 year-old category. As a comparison, Dancing With the Stars earned a 4.7 and Two and a Half Men a 4.5 last night. With just short of 7 million viewers throughout the 10 PM hour (compared to Dancings 23 million at 8 PM), these numbers are going to get more and more miserable in the next few weeks. I thought the Dancing fans would at least give it a chance, but you can see that the ones who did stick around already gave up on it by the second hour. Ouch.


An Inquiring Mind said...

I'm not surprised. The show dragged ON and ON and ON and it was hard to stick with it through the whole thing!

muzicgirl01 said...

They had 6 'teams' and they only had to skate for about 1:30 (I think I heard someone say that). I don't know why it had be stretched out into nearly 2 hours. Except maybe for all the commercials. Maybe it will be an hour from now on and it won't drag as much. I did watch the whole thing though.

What do you think of the judges?

jumping clapping man said...

like this is a surprise?

it's a doomed formula. i'm not even into it and i'm a skating fanatic...a 6 foot diameter circle allows nothing more than a fart...and all the hair extensions in the gurls are tragic.

Tony said...

It just surprises me that the most-watched television show (until Idol comes around) couldn't even boost the ratings for SWTS for even the first week. Without Dancing, those numbers are going to keep dropping severely.