Sunday, November 28

Sui/Han Won't Do Double Duty, Will Only Compete in Senior Final

The ISU entry page for the junior and senior Grand Prix Final events has been updated to reflect the decision that Chinese pairs team Sui and Han will give up their Junior Final spot to first alternates Jones and Gaskell of Canada, and they will focus their energy solely towards the Senior Final. The ISU allows pairs skaters to compete at the junior level and senior level Grand Prix circuits within the same season, but this is the first time a team has done well enough to earn berths to both events. Starting a few seasons ago, The Senior and Junior Grand Prix Finals were combined to take place in one arena over the same weekend.

American ladies skater Kiri Baga has also withdrawn from the Junior Final due to injury, giving first alternate Zijun Li a chance to skate at home in the championship.

You can find the up-to-date entries for both events by going here: Senior | Junior


Anonymous said...

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, b/c I was bored by Korpi's FS to Evita. She just doesn't hold my attention, though I will say good job on the improvements she's made.

Why are pairs allowed to do Jr and Sr Grand Prix events? Is it b/c there are so few of them?

Anonymous said...

Pairs are allowed to compete in both Jr and Sr Grand Prix competitions however if they make the finals in both, they must choose one final or the other. Since the senior GP has more points even if they don't medal one should always choose senior over junior.

Tony said...

I didn't see any rule stating that Sui/Han couldn't compete in both Finals, and I highly doubt the ISU ever thought a team would be able to qualify for both.

However, with both Championships running in a span of three days, it would be a tremendous amount of work to skate four programs in that time.

To the first anonymous-- yes, the pairs fields are always the smallest. They were reduced from a maximum of 10 total pairs per Grand Prix to 8 a few seasons ago, and the Junior Grand Prix only features a pairs competition at four of the seven regular-season events. Even then, the fields aren't even close to the amount of ladies and men entered.