Tuesday, November 30

Surprise, Surprise: Seasons Top Free Skate-Scoring Lady Won't Compete Rest of Year

If signing on for the full Stars on Ice tour wasn't a big enough hint for you, Skate Canada has made it official that Olympic Bronze Medalist Joannie Rochette will not compete the rest of 2010/2011. The only competition for Rochette this season was the Japan Open team competition in early October, where she posted a free skate score of 122.71 points-- a number that has yet to be bested by any other lady this year.

Joannie debuted a new exhibition to Cyndi Lauper's True Colors at the Stars on Ice opener in Lake Placid this weekend, and she will also work on another new program with long-time choreographer David Wilson to unveil at later tour dates. Visit the Stars on Ice website for the full American tour schedule.


Anonymous said...

*is she falling in this pic*

Tony said...

No, she's doing a back outside spiral.