Wednesday, November 17

Who is the King of Pop on Ice?

Three top senior men have free skates this season that draw influence from The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. So who does it best: Florent Amodio, Kristoffer Berntsson, or Tomas Verner? Watch the performances and then vote in the poll! Oh, and discuss your strong opinions in a reply to the post.. I love discussions!


Anonymous said...

Although I love all three, I think IMO, Berntsson's is the only one with the correct spirit cos it doesn't take itself seriously at all and it is entirely cheesy. If you're gonna do MJ for an LP (and not an ex) I'd rather see this approach. Unfortunately his technical flaws are a bit too detrimental for this programme to have the desired affect but I still vote for his programme. However, I'm the only one who did vote for him, so who am I to tell? :)

Anonymous said...

Ginger Jackson!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice Amodio's programs stands around for over a minute from 1:40 till 3:05? I know he does a circle, but even that comes to a complete standstill twice. This program would be better for shows.

physics girl said...

It's always fun to see MJ programs, and I enjoyed them all. But perhaps because it is MJ, I have high expectations. The choice of songs and the way they were cut together in each program did not thrill me (pun intended) and I didn't love any one of them. Of course I am spoiled because I saw Sale and Pelletier perform to 'Scream' with Stars on Ice and it was insane, so maybe I'm a bit picky.

Since Amodio's was mostly not MJ anyway, and Verner's too many songs all smooshed together, my vote goes to Berntsson for really getting into the spirit with those boot covers. Funny, I thought I would pick Amodio but watching his program this time was the third time for me and I like it less each time.

Corina said...

Berntsson's choreography is indeed very original and nice but I think his skating which is not very dynamic doesn't fit.
I don't see much MJ in Amodios programm though his skating style could be fitting if the choreography would be better. But he doesn't even try [I have to admit that I am judging another perfomance of his program since this one is not available in Germany.]
So it's Verner for me. The music changes far too often but there is some spirit of MJ in his choreography, his character and his skating.