Monday, November 22

Why Couldn't the Competition Have Gone This Way?

I hadn't seen this until today.

Sigh. A quad and two effortless-looking triple Axels only to end up dropping to 12th in the portion when it really counted.


Lisa said...

Wow... that was just about heavenly! If he ever skates that cleanly in competition he'll certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

Anonymous said...

What do you think he would have placed with that skate? I'm thinking he would have won the bronze.

Anonymous said...

lack of experience! i guess.
Daisuke was in the worst condition out of all Japanese men throughout practice, and look how it turned out.
but i think if Kozuka nailed a quad, then it could have gone this way.
i loved this program and really expected to see a complete one in Torino.

Anonymous said...

I miss this program.

If Oda and Kozuka had done what they can do in practice in the competition, it could have been a Japanese sweep!

Tony said...

Third or fourth. Joubert was 3.5 points ahead of Kozuka after the short, and Takahiko would have had to score almost 160 to pass him in the free. If we are looking at how I would have actually scored the programs (lower PCS for Joubert, even if I do like him a lot), then yes probably third for Takahiko :-)

aims said...

Talk about an effortless glide...I loved his Guitar Concerto so much (sigh), and would have loved to see a flawless performance at the Worlds...Oh well, what's done's done. Thankfully he still has YEARS ahead of him. He'll triumph one day, maybe even this season ! Just wait and see.