Thursday, December 23

Alexander Majorov Apologizes for Facebook Tirade

In case you missed it, Swedish National bronze medalist Alexander Majorov went on a bit of a rampage against his Federation after not being named to the European Championship team. Majorov, up until Nationals, had been the most successful Swede internationally this season; however, a poor short program left him in too much of a deficit behind champion Kristoffer Berntsson and runner-up Adrian Schultheiss.

The tirade occurred as a Facebook wall post, and he used several expletives in English to vent his frustrations. I had the chance to talk to him about the situation, and here are his own words:
I was mad the second that I got the call from my Federation about the team for Europeans, and I had my laptop in front of me-- even worse, no one else was home. I hit the keys with such frustration as I wrote the wall post, and the sad thing is that I didn't care what I wrote, or if it was or was not correct.. it was all what just came to me in that second.
When I calmed down, I read what I had written and I saw that it was not good, even if some friends had expressed a sadness to me. I removed it not long after I wrote it, and I just hoped that no one from my Federation had seen me in that stupid moment. 
The next day, I woke up and my mother yelled to me, "What have you done?" I knew right away what it was. I thought the Federation had seen everything and that I was in big trouble. When she told me that I was in one of the biggest gossip newspapers in Sweden, I began to shake and cry, because my post was just full of words I hit on my laptop. I really didn't mean any of it, and I hope people believe that. I have friends from all over the world and from all walks of life, and I don't have a problem with anyone.
 I have learned my lesson from all of this, and the obvious advice I can give from this is no matter how upset you are about something, writing about it on something like Facebook for the whole world to see is never a good idea. You become completely responsible the second anyone else sees it, and again I am really sorry that this happened.
The Swedish Federation has issued Majorov a warning, telling him that no other behavior of this nature will be accepted. I've spoken with several of his competitors from earlier events this season, and all of them have great things to say about Alexander. He made an obvious error in judgement even if it was at the heat of the moment, but hopefully this will pass and we will again be able to focus just on his skating ability.


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Apology accepted, now let's all move on.

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