Thursday, December 2

Dube/Davison-- Once Upon a Time..

I was clicking around YouTube and came across the magical free skate that was The Blowers Daughter by Canadians Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison. He's out for the season (and possibly for good), so let's remember back to this happy time when they skated superb and ended up with the World bronze medals. His absolutely horrifying skates during the lifts aside, this is really something special.

Unfortunately, both video links I found have embedding disabled, but seriously go enjoy this program!

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Anonymous said...

I missed a lot of good skaters in the last 10yrs that I just haven't watched skating.

I happened to see TV coverage of 2010 US Nationals and just loved Jeremy Abbott's skates and started watching skating again -- still watch mostly men's skating.

So I hadn't seen this pair and I really,really enjoyed their skate.

Thanks very much for the link,