Sunday, December 5

In the Event that I Had a Favorite Skater in the early 90s..

I've mentioned countless times that my fandom in figure skating began as a six-year old one random night when the 1993 World Championships happened to be on television, and I've.. obviously.. been hooked ever since. Through the years of learning more about the technique and edges and thanks to YouTube, I'm quite confident that Yuka Sato would have been my favorite skater back in the day. I do remember her 1994 Worlds win (and it being overshadowed by Surya Bonaly's podium show), and I also remember watching her dominate the pro scene for a few years after (and my mom commenting that "she wins everything"-- ha), but I never realized just how good she was until much, much later.

While on the topic, I was looking for some of my favorite music that I've heard used in skating when I came across a mentioning that Yuka used the soundtrack from Slow Dancing in the Big City early in the 1994 Olympic season, only to dump it and return to her previous free skate for the big events, including her Worlds win.

Thanks to the amazing 3Axel1996, though, her performance from the early-season Piruetten is on YouTube and I have to say that I really love it, especially the middle section to the previously mentioned soundtrack. I wish she would have let this develop throughout the year rather than tossing it so quick!


Anonymous said...

Do you like her because she has the same soft edges and speed of Kozuka?

Tony said...

I do. I think she was well ahead of her time and she would have done extremely well under the IJS.

I'd even venture to say she has the best skating skills ever by a lady.

Anonymous said...

Me too. I still love Yuka's skating as much as Midori's jumps. Many skaters have said Yuka is a skater of skaters since she was competing international. She doesn't make unnecessary edges noises and her speed is still great now. Even Taka himself and Shizuka told about Yuka's amazing skating on TV program.