Friday, December 10

Khoklova and Andreev: The Debut

Jana Khoklova and Fedor Andreev made their debut representing Russia at the Golden Spin of Zagreb earlier today. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Not awful, certainly not great. About what I was expecting from a skater who only started ice dance six months ago, even with a partner as good as Khokhlova. He looks like he's really concentrating on what he has to do, and it takes away from the performance, and they have a lot of work to do to get him faster, more precise, and more polished.

Still, judging from some of the criticism I've seen online, people seem to forget that Andreev was completely inexperienced as an ice dancer and in terms of partnering, and really, even experienced teams take time to gel; not to mention that the SD is based on the most difficult compulsory dance possible, which he had to learn from scratch. On top of all that, he's not competed internationally since the 2003 Lalique Trophy. To put that into perspective - except for Pechalat/Bourzat, every dancer from that event has since retired.

I'm willing to cut them some slack and see where it goes. The question, based on his past record, is how long he'll remain motivated.

On a shallow note, they are pretty to look at, and it's nice to see Jana in a proper dress.

Anonymous said...

I want to make a witty comment about old dogs and new tricks but I cannot think of one.
Anyways, he's old

Anonymous said...

I find the drastic height difference between them distracting.

I have been following Andreev's career for over 10 years. It's really too bad he never reached his full potential as a singles skater. I've watched him live and even in practice his presence fills a rink.

It's unlikely that this couple will be competitive with the top level skaters, especially with some of the other up and coming skaers Russia is trying to promote.