Friday, December 10

Oh How I Miss You, Vanessa Gusmeroli

Sorry, bad timing on the screen shot.
Nice to see Vanessa Gusmeroli as part of the technical panel here for the senior and junior ladies. If you're newer to skating, she was the 1997 World bronze medalist and finished in the top five at the event two more times (1999, 2000). Among her greatest moments were back-to-back brilliant performances of her Legends of the Fall free skate at Europeans and Worlds (in her home country) in 2000. Her trademark element was always the split onto the ice and pushing herself right back up, as you will see towards the end of these programs.


Anonymous said...

Never liked her. She had no grace at all.

Anonymous said...

Refer your comment to yourself, her Legends of the Fall program was one of the best constructed programs. she delighted skaters with her innovative moves including the splitz as Tony pointed out, also excellent variation in spins, even on a back inside edge, her spins to wards the end of the program of Legends of the fall are quite exquisite and all at the end of the program very nice choroegraphy. I agree with you Tony vanessa is surely missed