Friday, February 26

You Be the Judge - My Olympics Ladies Final Results

As mentioned in my previous entry, these results are based on what NBC broadcasted and the final results do not include some skaters (Lepisto, Suzuki, Leonova, Makarova) who finished in the top 10.

1. Yu-Na Kim 76.60 + 142.20 = 218.80
2. Joannie Rochette 72.20 + 132.20 = 204.40
3. Mao Asada 73.30 + 129.55 = 202.85
4. Mirai Nagasu 65.50 + 124.55 = 190.05
5. Miki Ando 62.50 + 120.30 = 182.80
6. Rachael Flatt 61.90 + 113.55 = 175.45

All-in-all, I think the judges got the placements pretty much right in the end. It was close for me between Rochette and Asada, as it was for the judges- just the other way around. I think Kim's scores were a bit too high, but she definitely was the class of the field so it didn't matter that much. Flatt was overmarked in my opinion in both programs, but then again, I am not a huge fan of her skating.

You Be the Judge - My Olympics Ladies Free Skate Scores

Here are my own scores from the ladies final free skate group, using the feature. The only other skaters I scored were those that NBC showed, which was unfortunately very minimal. Laura Lepisto and Akiko Suzuki, who both had great skates, were not shown but eventually I may go back and score them myself.

1. Yu-Na Kim 142.20
2. Joannie Rochette 132.20
3. Mao Asada 129.55
4. Mirai Nagasu 124.55
5. Miki Ando 120.30
6. Rachael Flatt 113.55

For additional thoughts about these skaters, check out my Youtube video here:

Wednesday, February 24

You Be the Judge - My Olympics Ladies Short Program Scores

I used the judging feature to score the short programs, but they have since removed it from the website and I apparently did not keep my scores written down anywhere. Oops.

But here is my video from Youtube where I summarized all of my thoughts:

Tuesday, February 23

You Be the Judge - My Olympics Free Dance Scores

Once again using the judging feature and scoring the teams that were shown on the American broadcast last night.

1. Virtue/Moir 104.25
2. Davis/White 104.10
3. Belbin/Agosto 96.75
4. Pechalat/Bourzat 95.75
5. Faiella/Scali 95.40
6. Delobel/Schoenfelder 93.75
7. Khoklova/Novitski 93.30
8. Domnina/Shabalin 92.90
9. Samuelson/Bates 90.10
10. Kerr/Kerr 87.25

No video for the free dance, so here are my thoughts. Obviously some big differences from the judges. Ice dancing always was the most subjective one, anyways, but I think they really got it wrong with Domnina and Shalabin's free dance, which I only had eighth best. I'm not a huge Belbin/Agosto fan but I enjoyed their free dance and thought they performed it well, or at least well enough to earn the bronze medal over the Russians. I enjoyed Davis/White's free dance the most, but agreed Virtue/Moir deserved to win the portion and the gold medal. Both teams were overscored in my opinion, though. I thought Pechalat/Bourzat really outskated their teammates Delobel/Schoenfelder in the competition, but placed right behind them overall. I am a big fan of the concept and music that the Kerr's chose for their free dance, but I thought their marks were extremely generous on this night.

Monday, February 22

You Be the Judge - My Olympics Original Dance Scores

I used the judging feature and scored the teams that were shown on the American broadcast. Ice dance is the discipline i follow the least, so here were my scores for the actual top five:

1. Virtue/Moir 67.20
2. Davis/White 66.80
3. Belbin/Agosto 60.90
4. Dominina/Shabalin 60.50
5. Faiella/Scali 58.10

My thoughts about the event on Youtube: