Saturday, April 10

Oh, Maria..

If you didn't know, Maria Butyrskaya is my favorite skater of all-time. I don't think anyone else will be able to pass her for that great "achievement". But I do remember being a 10-year old and having a WTF? slash terrified moment when I was watching the 1997 World Championships and she came out for her short program with this.. lovely.. costume:

Eh.. it wasn't until the next season and I saw her Otonal free skate at an early Grand Prix that I really started to follow Maria closely.

Queen Yu-Na..

is currently in FIRST place of the 200 candidates on TIME's 2010 100 Most Influential list. She had been in second for  a long while, behind Lady Gaga, but this morning I gave it a quick check and down went Gaga's influence "score", moving Kim ahead. Hmm. Well, she is the biggest celebrity in Korea and all..

By the way, Joannie Rochette is also on the list and she's sitting in 23rd place.

Adam Lambert in 4th and Kanye West in 29th? The latter might have some catchy music, but the last time I checked the only influential thing he was doing was teaching people how NOT to act. Maybe that's what he is getting the votes for.

Here's the link to the list.

Friday, April 9

This Always Puts Me in a Good Mood

Something about this program just always makes me feel really good. David Wilson attempted the whole ice dance choreography gig, and I'd say it started out pretty well. :-)

Do you or did you ever skate yourself or are you just a watching fan?

I do skate, but didn't start until I was too old to ever go anywhere with it unless I skated 6 hours a day-- which didn't happen. I was doing double toes, double Sals, and the occasional double flip after about 3 or 4 months of being seriously coached. I also think I made a few good attempts on the double Axel-- rotating it all the way, but always falling. I am not coached right now, and go skating sometimes if I have an off-day, and I can still do the other doubles. I really want to go back and work on my basics though, because I'd actually love to start coaching young kids one day, and then maybe work my way up :-)

Ask me anything

What about some coverage of the World Synchro Championships this weekend? Your blog brings in a lot of traffic to the skating world and synchronized skating deserves to be featured too!!!

I don't really follow Synchro Skating, but I suppose I could watch some videos and post them here if they end up on YouTube. One of the US' consistently strong teams (but isn't at Worlds this year) is from Miami of Ohio, which is pretty close to here. I suppose I should give it some attention :-P

Ask me anything

Wednesday, April 7

My Favorite Program of the Season

If you didn't already guess..

Formspring and Your Opinion, Please?

The feature seems to be one of the big things that will be featured during these off-months of the season, and I was wondering what readers thought of me doing video replies, rather than just the rambling on with the paragraphs that I usually lead myself into. I guess either way I will ramble.. but let me know :-) This is old I know, but why did Michelle really leave Frank Carrol in 2001?

This I do not know. I've read lately that Danny Kwan made a lot of the decisions for Michelle in her earlier years, ex. the 1998 Olympics, so maybe there was a conflict between he and Frank. BUT that's all speculation.