Friday, August 20

Don't you think it's a touch ridiculous that Plushenko could be suspended for longer than an athlete convicted of doping? It looks to me as though the ISU and the Russian skating federation set him up into an impossible position.

I haven't really followed the latest drama, but I think there will be some agreement or loophole that gets him into Sochi if he's really serious about competing come the fall season in 2013.

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I like your name! :) I notice you like lyrical programs (like..soft music) which one is your fav from ladies and men this past season?

Favorite mens program was Kozuka's short, which was really anything but lyrical, surprisingly! For the ladies.. hmm.. nothing really blew me away. For the first time since I became a fan of skating, I thought the men were much more interesting and unique.

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Daisuke Takahashi revealed his program music to the Japanese media today: a mambo for his SP and a Piazzolla tango for the LP. That doesn't sound like what you described a while back - does this mean he won't be skating a Lambiel-choreographed program?

Yeah, he's stated that he is using the mambo so that means his Peer Gynt short program, choreographed by Lambiel, won't be used... at least not yet.

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Tuesday, August 17

Will you be at Skate for the Heart on october 10 in Youngstown? And what about Skate America?

I will probably attend Skate for the Heart. Skate America, probably not. Unless I can get a press pass or some other form of help along the way :-)

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Monday, August 16

Bobek Gets Five Years Probation; No Jail Time

Nicole Bobek was sentenced to five years probation today for her role in a meth distribution ring. is reporting that Bobek is trying to get her life on getting her life back on track, starting with working towards her high school diploma. We have all seen her mugshot from a year ago when Nicole was originally arrested, but many will be pleased to see that she has returned to her former appearance: dyeing her hair blonde and putting it in a bun, as well as being able to throw some make-up on this time around.

Best of luck to Nicole; she should see this sentencing as being given one huge chance to get her life back together.

Who is an example of skater that has excellent "basic skating" skills? I have time discerning good from great, unless they are as good as Carolina Kostner or Patrick Chan.

Yuka Sato is a great skater to watch from the "past". Currently-- I'd honestly say watch Takahiko Kozuka. I might have a little bit of bias towards how amazing he is, but if someone asked me who I would want my basic skating to resemble the most-- I'd choose him. Everything is so effortlessly done, and he doesn't have to be flashy in the least for it to show.

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Hello, I've been a silent follower of yours for a while now - I love your inputs! Anyway - aside from her competitive programs, what EX programs of Mao do you like? Have you had the choice, would you choose any of them as a competitive program instead?

I honestly don't watch exhibition skating enough anymore to give a solid opinion. :-(

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Now that Kanako Murakami is moving to seniors, how do you think she will fare? She certainly has some of the toughest competition in her home country . . . Will we see her at Senior Worlds next year?

I don't think she will make senior Worlds yet, but I also think she's well aware of what she needs to improve upon and that bodes well for her (rather than, for example, sitting in the kiss and cry and rolling her eyes over the supposed low marks...) Asada and Ando are almost locks once again, and I hope that Suzuki feels comfortable with her programs and continues to improve. Kanako could possibly sneak in for third and get to skate in her home country for Worlds, but I think she just needs a little more time.

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Why do you think Polina Shelepen stayed a junior?

Maybe she had a growth spurt or has yet to completely develop, and her coaches/the Russian Federation don't want to put all their eggs in her basket too early like so many other times in the past. Maybe Polina herself decided that she's not ready for the senior ranks.. you never know.

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What do you think of Kim Yu-Na's decision to not participate in the Grand Prix Series? A lot of people are questioning her judgement in that matter.

Well, she had a ton of stuff going on off-ice since the Olympics, so it's not really a shock. I don't know if ONLY competing at the World Championships is the greatest idea.. we will see (if that even if her plan). Would I be surprised if in a month or two she completely skipped the season? Not really..

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Do you have any opinions/ or rather care for the costumes? What were your favorites for ladies and men in 09/10 season?

It's not that I have terrible fashion sense (I think I dress nicely!), but I just don't know enough to really make witty or interesting remarks about the costumes. As long as they relate to the music, I don't have much thought about them. Maybe I'm just boring..

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