Sunday, January 30

US Nationals - Mens Free Skate Group Three

Here we go.. well not quite. Abbott and Bradley's short programs are being shown on NBC and that means no Grant Hochstein, who just moved into second overall behind Jonathan Cassar with 117.61 points in the free skate. Also not being aired is Jason Brown, who was in 11th after the short. 144.44 points in the free skate and into first by 20 points. See, NBC, you should have just showed the entire flight rather than airing short programs that happened two days ago. Jason Wong goes down into sixth overall.

So we start with Adam Rippon, down in 9th. 3A/stepout/2T. Not his jump this week. Spread eagles into 2A. I like this program much more than his short. Pumping his back up and down on the crossovers still, he really needs to work on that. 3Lz with both arms above his head, this time he gets it back. Circular footwork and a flying sit low position into twist. 3A beauty this time. 3F/3T and another good one. Another 3Lz/2T with both having a hand above the head. No three-jump combo here as he was too close to the wall. 3Lo-- he's increasing the energy now. Camel//y-spin/change/sit/variation. Straight line step and now he has the audience into it. I was worried in the first half, as I felt like it was going the same as the short-- somewhat boring. 3S and a combo spin to end. Well, he really redeemed himself after that first jump. It seems he's almost surprised that he was able to hold it together. Good for him. 76.36/77.42 = 153.78 and 220.40. Into first for now.

Richard Dornbush- 3F to start nice. 3A/3T and that was SIMPLE. 3Lz another simple jump. Remember his score last month at the Junior Grand Prix Final would have been competitive in the senior competition, and this first minute has shown why. Choreography has been complete and fun throughout so far, much better than the short program. Another EASY triple Axel. Wow. By Nationals scoring standards, they deserve +3's. 3S. 3F/2T/2Lo with a difficult edgework entry.. again simple. 2A/2A sequence. He reminds me of the Russians and how sometimes they choreograph arm movements or flashiness out of jumps to show control, but here there isn't flashiness-- there's just absolute perfect quality and control out of everything. Wow. This was amazing and you know I don't get that blown away by skating anymore. Absolutely amazing. 83.27/74.58 = 225.56 and first. I didn't know if the judges would go for it, but they did. I love Adam Rippon, but this was better.

Armin Mahbanoozadeh in 8th. Another one of my favorites. Walley and steps into 3Lz great. 3A crooked a bit but the landing is just fine. 3F/3T again great. What a group so far. 3Lo again nice and controlled. What I like about this Avatar is the variety of movements. It's not a classical straight-forward program, it's a more modern and abstract-y type soundtrack and his movements fit that. 3A/2T and he's fighting. Spread eagle into a 3F and again a fight. Camel with the cool position/sit/change/sit. He's still looking strong and 3S is good. Spirals into 2A/2T/2Lo and he's happy. Here comes all the energy for the choreographed step, and the crowd is getting behind him. This has been one of the most amazing back-to-back-to-back performances I've ever seen from these three. End combo spin with donut position and a scratch. Well, he couldn't have done anything more. Now he's probably asking himself what happened in the short. 215.05 and into third. What a strong third place though.


Jo said...

I'm watching on NBC with my husband..
Thoroughly enjoyed Richard Dornbush. I assume he'll be going to the Junior Worlds Tony ? If so bloody good luck to him.
Also just enjoyed Armin Mahbanoozadeh.
Seems like everyone's come to play today.
It's so much more rewarding when a title is WON rather than lost.
Jo xx

Tony said...

Dornbush probably has a shot at third here, so he might even be able to qualify for SENIOR Worlds. The final group is really going to have to bring it, and Dornbush was only about four? or so points out of third after the short.

Jo said...

Another great skate from Messing.
For me it lacked the finesse of Dornbush.. but you guys have real strength and depth at the moment.
Do you think Dornbush would be better served holding off on Senior worlds, where he ISN'T going to win, and going to Juniors where he has a real shot being champion ??
Jo xx

Tony said...

If Dornbush makes senior Worlds, I think he should go honestly. Good to get experience when there isn't a ton of pressure on you. Remember Jeremy Abbott was US Champion in 2009 and finished third of all three US men at Worlds that year.

Jo said...

Razanno looks like a Russian.. gloves, stubble, too much hair gel.
Competent jumping but not my thing..
Jo xx

Jo said...

True.. It will be interesting to see if Abbott can hold his nerve this time round.
I would just hate to see Hornbush swallowed up by the senior world's experience... and surely if you have a REALISTIC chance to be a World Champion you should take it.

Yet another kid [Miner] brings in a great performance.. it's a joy to watch. Looks like US men's skating is in good hands.

Jo said...

What a shame.. it was going so well.
Sadly I think all JA's problems are in his own head.

Jo said...

WOW.. Holy S***
Well I guess the kid's going to seniors then.

Stefan Revollo said...

Dornbush : Gorgeous program! Made everything look sooo easy. Top quality on everything. Flawless. Took the time for every element, didn't rush anything. What a composure. Wow! Impressive. I hope he will not be too tired at worlds after competing so much this season.

Rippon : What a great FP. Only the slight mistake on the first 3A, then foot perfect! The first 3Lz was gorgeous!!! Sad he was only 9th after the SP and is not going to worlds... Congrats on redeeming himself so well.

Abbott : Well, that wasn't that bad, just two slight mistakes and a big one (lutz). But the level was so high that he gets 6th place on the FP... still, the best FP component-wise and rightfully so he got the highest PCS on the night.

Bradley : very lucky overall. First two quads were not landed at all yet he still got credit for them and about 13 points. And the first one was underrotated (at least 1/4) yet it was still called a quad! Even the commentators noted it... He landed many jumps but no transitions, a lot of stand-stills, no speed, very chopped program, no flow and overall. Very lucky. Fo course, credit must be given to him for his great SP and the advance it got him.

Mahbanoozadeh : what a great FP again ! To come in 6th with such a perfect skate and almost the same elements as the FP winner and no mistake, that must be hard on him. Great quality, elegance and flow, maybe he could speed up a bit. But just wow and to me definitely better than Bradley's.

Miner : well perfect, elegant and the skate of his life. Not as hard as some competitors, but he made the difference on the GOE. His 3A is not great though. I just wonder how he'll do on the long run.