Monday, April 25

2011 World Championships- Which Ladies Will Advance from Qualifying?

Well, I went 12 for 12 with the mens qualifiers, but who is really counting? Much more difficult to predict will be the 12 ladies that advance out of the preliminary round tomorrow; here are my guesses:

Ira Vannut BEL
Amelie Lacoste CAN
Karina Johnson DEN
Elena Glebova EST
Juulia Turkkila FIN
Mae Bernice Meite FRA
Roberta Rodeghiero ITA
Min-Jeong Kwak KOR
Dasa Grm SLO
Sonia Lafuente ESP
Joshi Helgesson SWE
Bettina Heim SUI

Vannut, Lacoste, Johnson, Glebova, Turkilla, Meite, Kwak, Lafuente, and Helgesson should all qualify fairly easily-- barring complete meltdown. Rodeghiero, Grm, and Heim would be my picks for the final three spots, but skaters like Ukrainian Irina Movchan might finally decide to pull it together here.

Many of these ladies have yet to actually skate a long program in an ISU Championship; it will be interesting to see if anyone takes advantage of not having to complete the do-or-die required elements of the short program.


Anonymous said...

Who do you think will have the highest qualifying score for the ladies?

Tony said...

Hmm.. I'll go with Lacoste, but I think it could be a three-way race between Amelie, Vannut, and Meite, with Helgesson and Lafuente right behind.

Anonymous said...

Really? I was thinking more of a battle between Vannut, Helgesson, and Kwak.

What do you think about Tuurkilla?

Which Canadian is better: Samson or Lacoste?

Tony said...

Turkkila is alright. She reminds me of a young-ish Meissner in a way. Pleasant, but she needs a lot of refinement and more power. She seems consistent with the jumps that she does do, and that should be enough to get her out of qualifying.

And as far as Samson vs. Lacoste, I totally prefer Lacoste. I think she has interesting choreography this year (especially the short program), and she has a powerful yet smooth and relaxing quality about her. Samson was pretty consistent with the jumps all season, but her skating skills and overall packaging aren't as strong as Lacoste's IMO.

I'm really excited to see if Amelie goes for the triple loop/triple loop again. She's done it before!