Sunday, April 24

2011 World Championships- Which Men Will Advance from Qualifying?

The ISU has activated their 2011 World Championship start order & result page, and we now officially see which skaters will compete in the new preliminary round.

There are 24 men competing in the preliminary round, and half of them will end their competition here, while the top 12 finishers will advance to the 'actual' competition and skate in the short program. Which 12 will qualify? Here are my guesses.

Viktor Pfeifer AUT
Jorik Hendrickx BEL
Joey Russell CAN
Michal Brezina CZE
Peter Liebers GER
Maxim Shipov ISR
Paolo Bacchini ITA
Takahiko Kozuka JPN
Kim Lucine MON
Min-Seok Kim KOR
Alexander Majorov SWE
Misha Ge UZB

Justus Strid (DEN) and Bela Papp (FIN) could also potentially qualify.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree that those are the most likely twelve to advance. But if Zoltan Kelemen from Romania had not withdrawn, I think he would have replaced one of them. Besides Strid and Papp, though, I think some other remote possibilities to be considered are Mark Webster of Australia, who is now landing triple axels, and Mikael Redin of Switzerland. Redin might benefit from the fact that he will be the second last to skate. Also, I recently read an interview in which Redin states he can now land quad toes and may try one at Worlds. So, we'll see...

Anonymous said...

Perfect predictions, Tony! WOW!

Tony said...

Haha, what's my prize? In all honesty, this mens qualifying round was very predictable (obviously!) besides Papp being so low down in the standings. The ladies might be more of a challenge tomorrow, but only because most of them are so inconsistent ;)