Tuesday, April 26

Worlds Day Two; Mens Practice Videos

The ice dance and ladies preliminary rounds took place earlier today. No surprises in the qualifiers in dance, but the Czechs Mysliveckova and Novak completely missed two elements and finished down in eighth place. Good thing all is forgiven on Thursday.

The ladies qualification also went pretty much as expected, but the surprise here was that Korean Min-Jeong Kwak failed to make it out of this round. I thought she was grossly overscored at Worlds last year, but I warmed up to her this season. Figures.

The start orders for the men and pairs short programs are now online. All three American men skate in the first half, and Dornbush and Miner unfortunately skate in the very first group. Frenchmen Amodio and Joubert skate back-to-back, which might really put the pressure on Brian, and Nobunari Oda ends the night.

Below the cut, Youtube user WinterForever2009 has published some videos of the mens practices from the last few days.

Hi Kevin Van der Perren. I see that you have once again gone back to your favorite "Reflections of Earth" music... This is what, the fourth or fifth time? Eh, it brought you great luck at last seasons' Worlds, and I guess it's better than the 8+ cuts of "The Mummy" snooze of a program that you were using earlier this year. My question: why pay for a choreographer?

It's a bit ridiculous how much I have warmed up to Nobunari Oda's short program since I first saw it. I think it is one of my favorites of the year, and his overall performance at the Grand Prix Final was one of the best short programs I have ever seen-- all elements had such high quality. Dark horse?

Denis Ten's jump consistency still seems to be a problem, but he looks like he has grown quite a bit. Remember, he is still just 17! In any event, I like this Stephane Lambiel-choreographed program, but he skates very early on tomorrow and I think he's definitely questionable towards qualifying for the free skate.

Brian Joubert works out problems with the triple Axel, and Daisuke Takahashi skates to Justin Bieber (not intentionally) and struggles with the quad flip. I'd be surprised if he tries it in competition over the quad toe.

Here's Takahashi's run-through of his short program. He skates through the jump and early spin elements. Maybe he should practice the spins more and he wouldn't have to do that ugly flying upright spin? ;-)

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