Wednesday, May 4

Yankowskas/Coughlin Done

I NEVER saw this one coming. I thought they showed the most potential of any US pair in a long, long time and they had a really successful season, finishing the year with a 6th place finish at Worlds. Former National Champions Denney/Barrett also went their separate ways earlier this year.

It sounds like Caitlyn is still interested in competing with a new partner, while John "wants to stay involved in the sport, which I'd interpret as becoming a full-time coach.


Anonymous said...

Eventually Evora and Ladwig will win US Nats. If only because there will be no other senior pairs left.

Yeah, I didn't see this coming, either. One can only hope that the Caydee Denney rumors are just that,

Anonymous said...

So the rumor is he is going to skate with Caydee??

physics girl said...

Whaaaat? After placing so well at Worlds? Maybe they want to go out on a high note. Or maybe their season was just too emotional after the death of his mother? Any way you slice it, it's a little weird because it's not clearly worded as 'Coughlin retires'.

Anonymous said...

So, what are your thoughts on Denney/Coughlin?