Friday, October 26

Before Yuzuru Hanyu's World-Record Short..

As we all know, Yuzuru Hanyu was able to post the world-record short program score at Skate America last weekend, earning 95.07 points. He's 17 years old.

The accomplishment got me thinking about the last few seasons and great performances. Even though there were no records broken, I remember watching the 2010/2011 Grand Prix Final and being completely blown away by the following short program, by Hanyu's teammate Nobunari Oda. He has the softest, deepest landings I've ever seen.

Which mens programs, record-breaking at one point or not, do you think were up to the same amazing level of Hanyu's effort?


Anonymous said...

Matt Savoie's the first time he skated to Barber's Adagio. Boitano's Patineurs at Nationals. Jeremy's short in Cleveland was spectacular.

Tony said...

I completely agree with Savoie at 2005 Nationals! I was shocked at how amazing it was, and that might have been the fastest 2:50 ever. And to think it was only good enough for FOURTH!

Anonymous said...

Takahiko Kozuka, 2008 Skate America Short Program. That Take Five was AWESOME!