Thursday, October 25

Love It or Hate it? Skate America Ice Dance

I am digging the Germans' free dance. They are far from the most refined or graceful skaters, but this totally works. I only wish the changes of music wouldn't all have stand-still choreography.

As I noted in my short dance review, this program had all the potential in the world to be absolutely nauseating. I ended up feeling the opposite. Really enjoyable!

I wasn't sure if I just enjoyed the music at first or the program as a whole. Even with the mistakes and the overall lack of polish here, I am a fan of the program and the feeling they create. That balance lift in the middle is really awesome.

Let's be honest. Did anyone really find Bobrova/Soloviev remotely interesting before this season? I know I didn't. They showed up to Skate America as a huge surprise. Tanith Belbin addressed the issue of not understanding including Tosca in this program, but I think the version they chose fits with the theme of an artist going crazy. They're both really improved.

Love it. The last section screams Zoueva with all of the toe-pick choreography, but just look at how effortless everything seems!

Not feeling this. At all. It's kind of like a Ksenia Makarova 2012 season feeling for me. Completely awesome short dance, and then a total snooze of a free dance. I don't ever remember having such strong opposite feelings between short/long programs as I have in the last few seasons.


Natalie said...

I just wanted to thank you for posting these. My life has been so hard since Comcast stopped carrying Universal Sports.

Tony said...

Very welcome! Hope you enjoyed some of the programs :)

Jo said...

I know I'm somewhat biased, but I couldn't agree with you more Tony on D&W's free.
If this programme is supposed to show us a greater degree of chemistry and connection between these two then it fails.. miserably.
Last night I saw the unveiling of a masterpiece when Virtue & Moir debuted their Carmen. OMG !!!! ;o)
Jo xx