Thursday, November 8

Blast from the Past: Stephanie Zhang Returns to Competition

Stephanie Zhang. That's a name you probably haven't heard in nearly 10 years, as she hasn't competed since the 2003 season! However, much to my surprise, she is listed on the roster for the 2013 Australian Championships which take place in early December. She is now 27 years old.

I had the chance to talk briefly to Stephanie about the comeback, and she said she only started skating seriously again about three months ago, but has already gotten most of her triples back into her arsenal.

If you're an American skating fan, you will remember Stephanie from the 2001 Goodwill Games, where she was able to compete in front of her home country and put down two solid performances and finish 8th place overall (you can see her free skate in the video below). She was also the Australian representative to the 2002 Olympic Games, where she finished 25th.

Good luck to Stephanie on her comeback!

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