Tuesday, November 20

I Judge It: Kaetlyn Osmond Skate Canada SP

I received a few comments from interested readers asking how I would score Kaetlyn Osmond at Skate Canada. A few posts down, you will see how much I rave about the performance in the short program.

Here is my result:

Compare it to the ISU protocol:

Click the image to view it more clearly.

As you can see, I went 3.07 points even higher than the judges, and here's how I got those extra points:

The 3T+3T got all +1 and +2 from the judges. I honestly don't think I've seen a better triple-triple combination. Gracie Gold is very similar in her power with combinations, but just look at the footwork both leading directly into the jump and the control she has on the landing. It's absolutely a +3 element for me. The +1's? Nonsense. We see certain other skaters having absolutely no flow out of either jumps in combinations basically crawling into them getting +1. There's a 1.10 point difference just in this element for me.

The layback spin achieved a mix of +1 and +2. I would give it a +2 based on the difficult entry and her ability to immediately center the spin. She also doesn't lose any speed in the latter positions. +2 for me, and that's an additional 0.36 from what the judges scored.

The double Axel had a difficult entry, coming right out of a spread eagle. It had height, and it had a strong landing edge. Again, a +2 from me while the judges gave a majority +1 (although two did give her the +2). She gets 0.43 points more from me.

She loses 0.07 in the combination spin from me as I gave it a +1, while two judges scored it a +2.

Overall, I had her 1.82 points higher on the total elements score.

Program components were a different story. I had her lower than the average for skating skills (6.68), and I think that is by far the component she needs to work on the most. Only two judges went higher for her transitions mark than her skating skills mark, and that I do not understand. This program is loaded with transitions. I had her almost a full point higher than what the judges scored it (6.61). The performance and execution mark, in my opinion, was also about a half-point too low (6.96), although five of the nine judges did score her at 7.25 or higher there. Choreography and interpretation were both under a quarter-point of what I scored the program.

I had her 1.25 points higher in program components, with a majority of the points being gained on the transitions mark.

Disagree? Share your opinions. I love discussing my scores ;-)


eva said...

Just discovered your blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think Osmond's a great talent as well, but I'm interested in what you think about her FS PCS marks compared to Suzuki's. I feel like Suzuki gets terribly underscored in that area, and I have no idea why that happens.

Anonymous said...

very interesting. I basically agree with you. Osmond was underscored in SP. Probably judges were afraid to give "too high" scores to new-comer?

BTW I really want you to do same judging to Asada's SP at NHK trophy today. I think it's way overscored...

Tony said...

I will look into Osmond's free skate (which I agree, isn't as strong as her short program) and Asada's short program.