Friday, November 9

I Judge It: Rostelecom Cup Mens Short Program Components

Scary thought if I was a judge on the panel here, because I completely disagree with the components scores that were handed out during the mens short program at Rostelecom Cup today.

The first chart is the actual scores given by the judges. The second are my scores. I didn't change any of the technical scores; I only focused on the five components scores. Thoughts? How would you have had it?

Actual Scores
1Patrick CHANCAN85.4441.6243.828.938.648.648.688.930.00#10
2Konstantin MENSHOVRUS76.7342.5134.227.046.437.116.896.750.00#4
3Takahiko KOZUKAJPN76.3437.9938.358.007.467.467.757.680.00#8
4Zhan BUSHRUS74.5041.2433.266.796.396.866.686.540.00#2
5Artur GACHINSKIRUS74.0738.2136.867.686.757.437.397.611.00#7
6Michal BREZINACZE73.8335.6938.147.757.147.757.687.820.00#9
7Richard DORNBUSHUSA67.4433.1134.336.866.866.796.966.860.00#3
8Nobunari ODAJPN63.1827.2435.947.547.

My Scores
1Patrick CHANCAN86.1241.6244.509.258.758.759.008.750.00
2Takahiko KOZUKAJPN78.7437.9940.758.757.757.758.508.000.00
3Konstantin MENSHOVRUS74.5142.5132.006.255.507.
4Zhan BUSHRUS71.9941.2430.756.505.506.756.255.750.00
5Artur GACHINSKIRUS70.2138.2133.
6Richard DORNBUSHUSA68.3633.1135.257.256.757.
7Michal BREZINACZE67.1935.69
8Nobunari ODAJPN66.2427.2439.
10Johnny WEIR          USA55.2923.7931.507.254.006.506.007.250.00

Side note.. Michal Brezina has to have the most disappointing program this year with whatever that short program is supposed to be. It's so basic and I don't feel much connection to the music. It's almost shocking how poor I find it to be!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, these really should have been the standings. Like you, I wish the judges knew what PCS was and didn't try to use it to boost their favorites.

Anonymous said...

I know you have done a seperate post on Johnny but why didn't you include him into the scores table?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blogging! I love reading your insights!!!!!

Tony said...

Weir was so far off of the rest of the men (along with Denis Ten) that I wasn't really interested where he'd fit in. I will add his scores in to the chart now.

And to the last anonymous- thanks for the nice words! Glad you enjoy.