Tuesday, November 20

In Memoriam: Sergei Grinkov

Sergei Grinkov, two-time Olympic pairs champion (with wife Ekaterina Gordeeva) tragically died of a heart attack 17 years ago today, and I still remember hearing the news as a fourth grader like it was yesterday. He was just 28 years old.

Here is their final performance, just ten days before he passed away.


Anonymous said...

17 years ago, like you tony only seems like yesterday, I remember getting up early one morning before we had you tube (lol) to watch Trans world sport to get the skating results from the grand prix when they announced the shock death of Sergei Grinkov, my jaw dropped. I really felt for Katia at that time she was so young with a young child. nothing has come near them they were a true pair, two skating as one. Sergei a true legend. I really enjoyed their mambo original program from 1990! Hope you can upload that! Russell

John- Ohio CRNA said...

What a beautiful couple on the ice and off. I remember this performance. I also remember Ekaterina's first solo performance. Thanks for posting this.