Tuesday, November 20

Love It or Hate It? Kaetlyn Osmond

At the beginning of this season, Kaetlyn Osmond of Canada was virtually unknown outside of her country. To that point, she was best-known for winning the short program at the 2012 National Championship and finishing with a bronze medal overall in her first attempt at the senior level.

Not only did she win the Nebelhorn Trophy to start the 2012/2013 season (her first senior international), she also bested world bronze medalist Akiko Suzuki and previous World Junior medalists Kakano Murakami, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, and Gracie Gold at Skate Canada to win the title.

Osmond, who was originally a host pick to the Grand Prix event in her home country, did not get assigned a second assignment on the series and is stuck at 15 points overall. It is likely that a fourth place finish or higher in a second event would have given her a ticket to the Grand Prix Final in Sochi.

Here is Kaetlyn's short program from Skate Canada

Where do I begin? I am so impressed with her and I love this program. Watch the steps into the triple toe-triple toe combination and the movements right out of the jump from 0:18-0:26. The jumps had great height and distance, and she kept up the speed into them. Those steps aren't even necessary! Then watch, starting at 0:42 how the linking steps go right into her individual jump, the triple flip. Steps are required here, but we rarely see skaters have them go directly into a jump. She has a unique illusion right into a well centered layback, and her Biellmann position does not lose any speed. Again, we don't see that often. There are more moves in the field into a spread eagle leading to her double Axel. I could keep going, but this program is seriously one of the strongest I have seen this year.

She has the power, the speed, and the excitement level that has, in my opinion, been missing from ladies skating for a few years now. All of her movements are secure and refined. Her spins have great center and positions. She can still work on her polish and carriage as well as some of the run-outs in her jumps (the free skate showed her issues, but she was fine in this particular short), but she is well on her way.

Watch the replay at 3:46 of her triple toe-triple toe. EFFORTLESS. Combined with the steps she had right into it, I don't see why it's not a +3 element.

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