Monday, November 26

New Proposed GOE System - Jumps

After the Florent Amodio post, I got to messing with numbers and figuring out a new GOE system that would seem to correctly reflect the performances that we see, mainly with the scoring of unsuccessful quadruple jumps and other falls in the program.

The basic premise is this:

Gone would be the option of (+3 to -3). I think that's too many options. I'd reduce it to (+2 to -2), which gives a judge 5 different options for an element.

In the United States, think of it like a school grading system:
+2 (A) would be excellent.
+1 (B) would be good.
0 (C) would be the base value, or average.
-1 (D) would be poor.
-2 (F) would be very poor.

Falls are no longer given a reduced GOE from what the element would originally receive. What I mean by that is a skater with a complex entrance into a jump might get a -2 or even -1 as the GOE even with a fall. No more. A fall is a fall, and receives the score in the right-hand column of my chart. There would be no more additional 1.00 deductions for falls on top of that, at least for the jumps.

The chart follows a simple pattern:

The 0 column uses the current ISU-established base values for jumps.

The +1 column increases the base score by 15%.

The +2 column increases the base score by 30%.

The -1 column decreases the base score by 15%.

The -2 column decreases the base score by 30%, and would also be the automatic result of a jump/jump combination in the short program with less than required revolutions.

The FALL column gives 1/3 credit to the base value of the attempted jump (which is more generous than my quick plan in the Amodio article, for what it's worth!)

I would still have to figure in the under-rotation and downgrade calls.

As you see, a total failure (fall) on a quad jump results in less points than any base-value triple jump, but more points than a base-value double Axel. I could live with that.


Anonymous said...

This could really work!

Anonymous said...

While I like this scoring concept much better than what's currently in place (and approve of the score you gave Amodio in the earlier post), I think it doesn't address a major problem with GOEs at the moment, namely, that like academic grades, there's a fair bit of inflation and a C (0 GOE) is now considered disappointing. The judges are much more generous with GOEs than they were in the past, and even though these are supposedly more objective than PCS, I think GOEs have also been functioning as another way to hold up favorites.

I'm not sure that's really fixable, though, and at least harsher penalties will discourage the strategic quad fall/messy quad. Now, can the judges please start cracking down on solo quads in the SP that are most certainly not done out of steps and should get -GOE?

Tony said...

I think that the reason we see more +1 and +2 now compared to the first few years of IJS is because they changed the way you could earn positive GOE.

In the early years of IJS, all components of a jump, for example, were factored in to the overall result for that element. (Kind of like air position: +1, take-off: -1, landing, -1, for 0 GOE, etc.) Just a bunch more numbers to average quickly for the judges. Great idea. Not.

So then they put it to where certain aspects of jumps/other elements could earn +GOE, much like how spins gain levels based on certain features. I think this is why we now see more and more + elements. I agree, though. Oftentimes I see a +2 spin when I thought it was pretty ordinary (and usually this is one of the higher-rated skaters getting that boost), while lower-rated skaters can do beautiful triple toe-triple toe combinations, but are stuck at the 0 or +1 level.

As far as the jumps out of steps in the short program, I am almost in favor of that rule being done away with and then if skaters do indeed include steps into jumps, then mark them up in transitions or choreography, or even the GOE of that jump. Look at Javier Fernandez, for example. His 4toe in the SP at NHK was an absolute beauty, but it had next-to-nothing as far as steps into the jump. He still got majority +1 and 0, IIRC. Maybe even higher. Then you have someone like Kaetlyn Osmond doing steps all the way down the length of the ice RIGHT into a 3toe/3toe combination (and edge work directly OUT of the landing, too) getting mostly +1's as well (and I know a combo doesn't have to be preceded by steps, but just an example). The judges can't make up their minds about being consistent with the steps into the jumps, so I'd rather it just be done away with and those who choose to do it can be rewarded in other aspects.