Thursday, November 15

Pairs Technical Score Eligibility - Full Worlds, 4CC/Euros Lists

This is up-to-date information listing the pairs skaters who have reached the ISU minimum scores for the World Championships and European Championships/Four Continents Championships.

Apologies in advance for teams that are no longer together. I tried my best to remove them. I'm also not 100% sure about some of the junior teams and age-eligibility. Feel free to correct me!


CAN Dube/Wolfe
CAN Duhamel/Radford
CAN Jones/Beharry
CAN Lawrence/Swiegers
CAN Moore-Towers/Moscovitch
CHN Pang/Tong
CHN Peng/Zhang
CHN Sui/Han
CHN Yu/Jin
FRA James/Cipres
FRA Popova/Massot
GER Hausch/Wende
GER Savchenko/Szolkowy
GER Vartmann/Van Cleave
ITA Berton/Hotarek
JPN Takahashi/Tran (out for season?)
RUS Bazarova/Larionov
RUS Fedorova/Miroshkin (not age-eligible)
RUS Gerboldt/Enbert
RUS Kavaguti/Smirnov
RUS Martiusheva/Rogonov
RUS Petaikina/Kurdyukov (split)
RUS Stolbova/Klimov
RUS Tarasova/Morozov
RUS Volosozhar/Trankov
USA Castelli/Shnapir
USA Denney/Coughlin (out for season?)
USA Scimeca/Knierim

Entry list would be: CAN, CAN, CHN, CHN, CHN, FRA, GER, GER, ITA, RUS, RUS, RUS, USA, USA

15 pairs maximum from 7 countries

Italy would only be able to send one team although two are qualified. I think Takahashi/Tran might be out for the season so there's no Japan entry even though they technically qualified two.

In addition, all skaters above have qualified for Europeans or Four Continents, plus the following pairs.


AUT Martini/Kiefer
BLR Bakirova/Kamianchuk (split)
CZE Herbrikova/Halmaert (split)
CZE Kadlecova/Bidar (split)
EST Zabijako/Kulbach
FRA Letscher/Patlasov
FRA Mendoza/Boyadji
GER Bauer/Seegert
GER Gierok/Just (split)
GER Prolss/Blommaert (not age-eligible)
GBR Kemp/King
ISR Montalbano/Krasnopolski (unlikely due to Montalbano broken leg)
ITA Della Monica/Guarise
ITA Gillespie/Dematte
ITA Manacorda/Macii (not age-eligible)
POL Klatka/Chruscinski
POL Lech/Tyc
POL Malinkiewicz/Lofek (not age-eligible)
RUS Cherniavskaya/Laudelino (ages?)
RUS Davankova/Deputat (not age-eligible)
RUS Gainetdinova/Bich (not age-eligible)
RUS Grechukhina/Filonov (not age-eligible)
RUS Kuklina/Petukhov
RUS Novik/Novoselov
RUS Tudvaseva/Lisiev (not age-eligible)
RUS Vigalova/Zakroev (not age-eligible)
SWE Roll/Forsgren
SUI Morais/Leeman (split)
UKR Lavrentieva/Rudyk (not age-eligible)

Entry List would be: AUT, EST, FRA, FRA, GER, GER, GER, GBR, ITA, ITA, POL, RUS, RUS, RUS, SWE

15 teams maximum from 9 countries

Belarus and Great Britain have two entries but would only be able to send one team. I'm not sure of the status of some of the other teams, though.


CAN Bell/Sylveser
CAN Purdy/Marinaro
CAN Purich/Arcieri
CAN Steele/Schultz (split)
CHN Dong/Wu (status?)
CHN Li/Jiang (not age-eligible)
CHN Wang/Zhang
CHN Zhang/Wang (split)
USA Aaron/Settlage
USA Calalang/Sidhu
USA Davis/Ladwig
USA Denney/Frazier
USA Donlan/Speroff
USA Oltmanns/Santillan
USA Pfund/Reiss (not age-eligible)
USA Simpson/Blackmer
USA Vise/Baldwin
USA Zhang/Bartholomay

Entry List would be: CAN, CAN, CAN, CHN, CHN, CHN, USA, USA, USA

9 teams maximum from 3 countries (if Takahashi/Tran are out for the season)

Same as always here.


Anonymous said...

Kadlecova/Bidar and Gierok/just have split, as far as I know.

Tony said...

Thank you!

Tara said...


Scoretracker said...

Cain/Reagan - this pair split after 2012 US Nationals. He has since teamed up with Caitlin Yankowskas.

Oltmanns/Santillan - qualified in Jr Pairs for 2013 US Nationals.

Tony said...

Thanks for all of the corrections!

Scoretracker said...

A few more updates...

RUS Petaikina/Kurdyukov (split) - 2 new teams have formed: Astakhova/Kurdyukov and Petaikina/Bezmaternikh

BLR Bakirova/Kamianchuk (status? may have split)
SUI Morais/Leeman (split)

CAN Steele/Schultz (split) - she is skating with Simon-Pierre Cote
CHN Dong/Wu (status? may have split)
CHN Zhang/Wang (split) - she (Yue Zhang) reportedly has retired and he (Lei Wang) may be skating with Xuehan Wang

Tony said...

I've noted all of those changes, as well as crossed out the Israelis from the Europeans roster as her broken leg is likely keeping them from competing.

With that and the Swiss definitely being split, this drops the Europeans roster from 20 to 18 teams (possibly 17 if the Belorussians are also no longer together).

Anonymous said...

AFAIK, Zabijako/Kulbach from Estonia had split also.