Monday, November 26

Plushenko Plans Only Russian Nationals, Europeans

According to an interview with R-Sport, coach Alexei Mishin says Evgeny Plushenko plans to take the same route this season as he did last year, competing at Russian Nationals and the European Championships (if he qualifies), and then sitting out the World Championships. He had originally planned to compete at the NRW Trophy in a few weeks, but has decided against it.

The Russians earned three spots to Europeans after Plushenko and Artur Gachinski went 1-2 last season. However, there is only one spot for Worlds after Gachinski and Sergei Voronov both had poor showings at the 2012 championship.

Now, I realize a few things. I know Plushenko is trying to save his body as much as he can before the Olympics, where he will be 31 years old. At the same time, he needs to compete internationally sometime this year in order to have ranking points for the Olympic season to potentially get Grand Prix assignments (as well as reaching the technical minimums early, if they hold the same next year). I think it's a big question-mark as to whether any other Russian men can finish in the top 10 at the 2013 World Championships. If they don't, only one Russian man will compete in the Olympics in their home country.

In a separate interview, coach Mishin gives an interesting quote regarding the scoring of Mao Asada at the NHK Trophy:
“The score for components often doesn’t reflect the true skill, but the time the athlete has spent in the figure skating world.”
Very interesting, all things in the past considered :)

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