Monday, November 26

Ranking the US Men by Highest Competition Scores this Season

This was a discussion that I got into on Twitter, and out of curiosity I started looking up and comparing the top scores of the US men internationally so far this year.

Taking each skater's best performance from this season, this is how they stand:

1 Richard Dornbush, 239.99 Finlandia Trophy
2 Ross Miner, 235.37 NHK Trophy
3 Max Aaron, 231.27 US Figure Skating Classic
4 Jeremy Abbott, 227.63 Trophee Eric Bompard
5 Keegan Messing, 224.44 Coupe de Nice
6 Joshua Farris, 218.69 JGP USA*
7 Armin Mahbanoozadeh, 218.06 US Figure Skating Classic
8 Adam Rippon, 210.47 NHK Trophy
9 Stephen Carriere, 209.11 Nebelhorn Trophy
10 Douglas Razzano, 204.62 Ice Challenge
11 Johnny Weir, 201.42 Finlandia Trophy
12 Jason Brown, 198.16 JGP Turkey*
13 Harrison Choate, 185.39 JGP Croatia*

*- Score achieved in a junior event. Farris and Brown compete again prior to Nationals at the Junior Grand Prix Final.

William Brewster- No Score (171.13 Sectionals)
Wesley Campbell- No Score (189.68 Sectionals)
Jonathan Cassar- No Score (183.00 Sectionals)
Grant Hochstein- No Score (186.48 Sectionals)
Alexander Johnson- No Score (223.18 Sectionals)
Evan Lysacek- No Score (has not competed)
Brandon Mroz- No Score (200.32 Sectionals)
Sean Rabbitt- No Score (170.59 Sectionals)
Philip Warren- No Score (180.31 Sectionals)

Looking at these scores, any early predictions for Nationals? The USA has two spots to Worlds this year, and those two skaters need to finish with combined placements of no higher than 13 in order to earn three berths to the 2014 Olympics.


Eva said...

I'm thinking Abbott + Miner or Dornbush... but it's gonna be tough for any combo of US men to gain 3 spots to the Olys. Say Patrick, Javier and the top 3 Japanese place in the top 5 spots; both US men would then need to beat out Michal, Florent, the Russian participant and other contenders for spots 6/7.

Tony said...

Russian participant might be easy to get past, since Plushenko might not compete. Brezina usually does well at Worlds, but I'm not really feeling his short program at all this year.

There's definitely a chance to get the lucky 13, but it's going to be so hard figuring out which two men are most suited to try. US Nationals is always insane.

Tony said...

*Plushenko will not compete, I meant.

Eva said...

I think it comes down to Abbott, Miner and Dornbush, based on the season's results. I've no idea how competition-ready Abbott is going to be, but I can't imagine them leaving the vet off the world team. As for the magic 13, there's definitely a chance, but i think it'd be tough given the lack of consistency.

Anonymous said...

Based on Dornbush's performance even this year, I don't think he has a shot. And I actually think that Ross could upset Abbott for the title. I hope he does - the international community is really starting to notice and like Ross, which could only be good for US Figure Skating. I doubt Johnny will make it, to be honest, and same with Evan with that injury. Which I am fine with. I think, at some point, you need to let go of the sport so that some other stars can come through.

Tony said...

I wouldn't mind Ross as the National Champion, either. There have been questions whether international judges would mark 'newcomers' high enough at Worlds (as far as US men potentially getting three spots to the Olympics), but we have to remember that eight men here (Dornbush, Miner, Abbott, Rippon, Carriere, Weir, Lysacek, and Mroz) have all been to Worlds at least once in their careers!