Wednesday, December 5

ISU Development Trophy -- Focus on the Non-Powerhouses

The ISU issued a press release today explaining very briefly the details of a set of competitions called the ISU Development Trophy. The release is so short that I can't figure out whether it is a 'B-International' of sorts (such as the Nebelhorn Trophy or Finlandia Trophy) or if this is going to be incorporated into a team competition somehow (as there is mention of the popularity of the World Team Trophy), but the purpose, as told, is to 'provide incentive to ISU Members currently being inactive or having only a limited level of activity in one or several ISU sport disciplines.'

To me, this sounds like a mini-Championships for countries that don't have skaters who have reached the new technical minimums for Worlds, Four Continents, and Europeans.

There are two figure skating events scheduled: one with European-country focus and the other featuring four Four Continents-eligible countries.

The first, a singles-skating competition only, will take place March 26-30 in Cieszyn, Poland. Included countries are the following:
1. Andorra
2. Armenia
3. Azerbaijan
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
5. Cyprus
6. Greece
7. Ireland
8. Iceland
9. Latvia
10. Luxembourg
11. Montenegro
12. Morocco
13. Monaco
14. Norway
15. Serbia
16. Slovenia

The second again features singles skaters and also includes ice dancers. it takes place April 16-20 in Manila, Philippines.
1. Argentina
2. Brazil
3. Chinese Taipei (ice dance only)
4. North Korea
5. Hong Kong (ice dance only)
6. Grenada
7. India
8. Malaysia
9. Mexico (singles only)
10. Mongolia
11. New Zealand (singles only)
12. South Korea (ice dance only)
13. Philippines
14. Puerto Rico
15. Singapore
16. South Africa
17. Thailand
18. Uzbekistan

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Anonymous said...

Don't see why Hong Kong is 'ice dance only' seeing as we have no competing ice dance teams that can compete internationally (hell, i don't even know if we have ice dance teams at all).