Saturday, December 8

Junior Grand Prix Final - Russian Dominance, but Who Stole the Show for Me?

Russian skaters completely dominated the Junior Grand Prix Final this weekend, winning gold medals in all four events and winning seven of twelve medals overall (including a sweep of the pairs competition).

The junior ladies free skate was something else-- to say the least. The top five ladies all had seven-triple programs, and only four jumps total were deemed to be under-rotated between them. Elena Radionova easily won the title, but I still feel that her components scores are too generous given the level of her skating. Her technique looks a bit rough and she doesn't have the posture or carriage worthy of a near-7 skating skills mark asks. Still, she has a triple Lutz-triple toe and triple flip-triple Salchow sequence in her free skate. Some of the other Russian ladies have to be relieved that she is not eligible for Sochi 2014.

Hannah Miller was my surprise of the event. This girl is amazing! She packs her programs full of so much content that at times, it looks like she is being frantic but it's really just the transitions and choreography. I loved her short program yesterday and today she showed a completely different side. No triple-triples, but she was so solid in this competition and ended up with the silver medal. I can see her really high up in the standings at US Nationals.

Here's her free skate:

Anna Pogorilaya finished in the bronze medal position, while Angela Wang and Satoko Miyahara finished fourth and fifth. Like I mentioned before, all of these ladies managed seven triples!

In the pairs competition, Fedorova & Miroshkin led a Russian party, winning both portions of the event. Davankova & Deputat and Vigalova & Zakroev each moved up one spot from their short program placements to round out the podium.

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