Thursday, January 24

Favorite of the Day

The award for favorite program in the mens short program goes to Austria's Viktor Pfeifer. I have been a long-time fan, and I feel that his skating has greatly improved in the last few seasons, but the judges never really seemed to think so. Following the withdrawal of Evgeny Plushenko, Pfeifer is now in the top 9 heading to the free skate.

He doesn't have a triple Axel, but look at the quality of his skating: he is one of the few men with a solid camel/change/camel spin-- all interesting and unique positions. His jump landings are so smooth, and look at the footwork leading right into the triple Lutz (with his hand over his head, no less).

I will definitely be rooting for him in the free skate!


Anonymous said...

Do you know, will he be able to skate at Worlds this year?

Tony said...

He missed the cut-off in the free skate by just over three points. If the ISU lowers the minimum score (to make at least 30 entries), I think he might have a shot at going to Worlds.