Friday, January 18

Kaetlyn Osmond: The Real Deal

If you read my blog during Skate Canada, you know that me being 'blown away' by Kaetlyn Osmond and her performances, particularly in the short program, was a bit of an understatement.

Earlier today at the Canadian National Championships, Osmond once again delivered a clean short program and leads the ladies field by over 13 points, scoring an impressive 70.04. Here is a link to her performance, available from the TSN network website.

What can I say? This is the program of the season for me this year. The amount of choreography and variety in transitions leading into the elements is really insane when you think about how fast she is and how much ice she covers. Look at the counter-rotation steps right into her triple toe-triple toe. Look at the height in both jumps. Look at the speed and choreography she has coming out of the second triple toe. Look at the steps right into the triple flip and double Axel. Look at how easy she makes everything look and the way she goes about her business in such a confident way. And I could keep going, but you get the picture.

Ladies skating used to be the 'it' discipline for me, growing up in the Kwan, Chen, Slutskaya, and Butyrskaya era. For a while now, I believe that we have been missing the powerful skater in the ladies discipline that still has the ability to present herself well. Not anymore. Osmond is extremely refreshing in an era of unrefined, flexible moves for every last IJS point, slow as molasses ladies.

Granted, Kaetlyn still has the free skate to get through, but I would be fairly confident in guessing her trip to Worlds (held in London, Ontario) is set. If she delivers again in the short program as she has all season, I can't see how she would not end up in the final free skating group-- maybe even a surprise top three heading into the long. She's really that good.

Looking at the World Standings and the way the ISU determines skate orders, she's likely going to end up in an earlier short program group in London (while the 'top' skaters are towards the end). The ISU better take note right now, though: skate order still has no correlation with overall skill.

I expect huge things in London!


The Bittersweet Saffron said...

I agree. I really didn't understand the strong objections to her win in SC. For me, she is the most exciting ladies newcomer since 2010, along with Liza Tyktamusheva.

Janay J. Erwin said...

Kaetlyn Osmond is for real! I love watching her exploits in youtube and her videos garnered hits as much as the big names out there.