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Most Memorable Moments of the 2003 World Championships

Ten years ago already. Crazy talk. Here are some of my most memorable moments from the event, which was one of the first competitions that I attempted to watch via a live-stream on the internet. I believe this was the first season the streams were available, and I was watching from a 56k dial-up modem. Times have surely changed!

The Men

Michael Weiss and his pre-competition talk of winning. Does everyone remember that? And he had an amazing short program going (clean quad and triple Axel), but then missed his Lutz. Unfortunately there's no trace of the fall on YouTube.

Ryan Jahnke and Stephane Lambiel both had amazing performances in the qualifying round, only to fall apart in later segments. Here is Lambiel's qualifying free skate, which put him third in his group.

Jeffrey Buttle, who had been turning heads for the prior season and a half, fell from the top 10 to 19th in a disastrous free skate.

Sergei Davydov of Belarus found himself in the final free skate group and ended in 7th place overall. His long program was cut into by breaking news in the United States about the war.

Kevin Van der Perren was landing triple-triple-triples even back then. He fell on a spin of all things in his short program but had a really solid free skate technically (front-loaded as usual). Listen to the commentators reaction to the combination ;-)

The Ladies

Michelle Kwan's free skate. Enough said. I remember watching with my mother and exclaiming, "that was her last triple!" Dick Button echoed me a split second later :-)

Elena Sokolova was making waves with triple-triples all over the place and she did get three first-place ordinals over Kwan in the short program. I think this was one of her best skates ever.

Sasha Cohen decided to fall on a spin in her free skate. She was third in the segment, but finished 4th behind Fumie Suguri overall. Shizuka Arakawa also wiped out on a spin in her short program and finished in 8th place.

Sarah Hughes returned and gave a decent effort here, finishing in 6th.

Carolina Kostner, in her first Worlds, was 4th place in the short program! (Check out her technical content vs. the content that won her Worlds last season!)

Julia Lautowa decided to fall on her finishing pose in the free skate and had the entire audience laughing along with her.

Joannie Rochette skated in her first senior Worlds and delivered a solid short program. I knew there were much greater things to come! She was 17th overall.

The Pairs

Shen and Zhao's free skate. Just watch.


Denkova/Staviyski's original dance was such a masterpiece in my opinion in an otherwise boring year of dance. They won the bronze medal.

Watch here

What were your favorite memories?

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Avg Jane said...

I still watch Shen and Zhao from this year every so often. One of the only *good* programs to Turandot. And everyone on their feet with a good 30 seconds to go. Spectacular, seriously.