Sunday, July 7

Happy Birthday, Michelle Kwan

Today, Michelle Kwan celebrates her 33rd birthday! To pay tribute, I have picked some of my favorite performances over the years.

1998 World Professional Championship, Artistic Program
This is my absolute favorite. Skating to 'East of Eden' , it doesn't get any better. I watch this and still get the same chills I had 15 years ago.

2003 World Championships, Free Skate
The audience, the reaction of Dick Button after the final triple Lutz, the footwork sequence. Amazing.

1998 US National Championships, Free Skate
Probably the most famous Michelle Kwan performance. Look at how confident and relaxed she looks at the very beginning of this video. 8 6.0's for presentation!

1995 Skate America, Free Skate
Surprising choice possibly, considering she won Worlds with this program later in the season. However, I still remember the opening clip to this competition and Terry Gannon saying something to the extent of 'I had to ask who this skater was' because of the transformation she had undergone in the off-season. I only saw that clip once. 18 years later, I still remember.

1998 Keri Lotion Classic, Interpretive Free Skate
My favorite exhibition/interpretive free skate from Michelle, to Loreena McKennitt's 'Dante's Prayer'. Simple skating, beautiful choreography, and such haunting music.

Some other favorites (there are so many!):

2001 World Championships, Free Skate
2002 Olympic Games, Exhibition
1996 World Championships, Short Program
2009 Ice All-Stars. Exhibition
1995 World Championships, Free Skate

Which performances were your favorites?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great links. Some performances I hadn't seen before. I've always enjoyed watching M.Kwan, but was more into men's skating overall. I followed skating for years during the Curry, Cousins,Wylie years. Lost interest for many years and tuned back in the year J.Abbott won his first US Title. I enjoy your blog and hope you will continue blogging for a while -- lots of good skaters to watch currently worldwide: Fernandez, Ten, Chan, several US Men to hope for development in future. (Women and ice dance, too.)
Thanks again, Teresa

angrykitty said...

Michelle Kwan is a mediocre and overrated skater who won all her big titles either by judging conflict or others mistakes.

1996 worlds- Didn't deserve to win over Lu Chen.

1998 worlds- Only won since Tara didn't compete.

2000 worlds- Only won since both Irina and Maria made mistakes. If one of them had landed just 1 more triple she wins only a silver, and if both had landed 1 more triple she wins only a bronze medal.

2001 worlds- Only won since Irina made mistakes.

2003 worlds- Only won since Cohen made mistakes and since Irina didn't skate.