About Me

Who is this Tony Wheeler guy?

I am a long-time figure skating fan, having first gotten into the sport in 1993 at the age of six. Over the years, I've helped design and maintain official websites, suggested and edited music for elite-level skaters, and provided insights and interpretations to rule changes and other resources for skaters all over the world.

I started Flutzing Around in March of 2010 in large part because I had the opportunity to interview with one of the judges on the mens short program panel at the Vancouver Olympics just a few weeks after the event.

And then it became a regular thing..

My own skating career is nothing spectacular. I'm a jumper-- nothing more. I went from landing my first clean single Axel to wanting to try (and even rotating) a double Axel a few weeks later. I still try to skate whenever I get the chance.

Outside of the sport, my hobbies are really wide-spread. I've studied a little psychology, criminology, and computer science at the University level, and I always want to keep learning. I am slightly obsessed with Survivor and The Amazing Race, and one of my life goals is to end up as a contestant on the latter (..I'm pretty sure I would be the first reality show contestant with the title 'Figure Skating Blogger').

What else? I've played piano since I was a pre-teen. I like classical music as much as 90's rock. I think Agatha Christie is the best writer of all-time, and many of her novels were written even before my grandparents were born. I also enjoy spending time in the gym and with friends.

If this has riveted you to the point that you want to know even more about me, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for visting Flutzing Around!

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